CT Pelvis & Abdomen Module

This module is to help medical students & residents learn CT anatomy.

Four sets of CT scans are included:
  1. Axial Female (upper abdomen)
  2. Axial Female (lower abdomen)
  3. Axial Male Pelvis
  4. Coronal Female
Scroll through the CT images, use the labels to identify anatomical structures & follow each structure through its course.

You can also test your anatomy knowledge with the labels. Labels can toggle on and off. You can either show the label lines & guess what the objects are, or you can have a list of objects & guess where the label line should be.

Axial Female (upper abdomen)
Axial Female
(upper abdomen)
Axial Female (lower abdomen)
Axial Female
(lower abdomen)
Axial Male Pelvis
Axial Male Pelvis
Coronal Female
Coronal Female

This module works best in Firefox (and other standards-compliant browsers). Internet Explorer users may have trouble with some features.
Tested with FF2, FF3, IE7, IE8, Chrome1, Opera10, Safari5.
CT Module developed by:
Dr. Chris Abraham, Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Queen's University
Essie Mwamwenda-Heinrich, Medical Student, Queen's University
James Heinrich, Programmer
module last updated: 31-Aug-2008